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The "Clean" Version of the Index
An alphabetical list of all the tune titles (nearly 4,000) that have appeared on the Stomp Off label, with composer credits and a listing of the various records on which they are to be found.
Last Updated 26 August 16
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The Fully Annotated Version of the Index
With all the research notes. Beware that it's not for the faint of heart (400+ pages of 8-point type), but it's in Adobe PDF format and thus is easily searchable.
Last Updated 26 August 16

The Unsolved Titles
After years of research, we still have about 30 titles for which we cannot confirm composer credits. We invite any of you scholars to look them over and help us out.
Last Updated 28 June 16

Complete List of every recording issued on the Stomp Off label (436 of them since 1980).

Order Form, a list of all the titles currently available on the Stomp Off label, with ordering information.

This is not the official Stomp Off Records web site, which also has information for ordering recordings through the Stomp Off Records area at This site is maintained by Dick Baker, who, with Stomp Off founder Bob Erdos and a host of other contributors, created the full indexes mentioned above based on thousands of hours of research into the correct titles and composers of old jazz and ragtime tunes.

Dick Baker
Auburn, California
Email me at this link.